About ECHO

ECHO – The Artist of Shine


 unique transformational artist and photographer who sees beauty wherever she looks, ECHO is by all counts a star maker. She has the unique ability and talent to make her clients shine, inside and out, as she works her magic to showcase their natural best in the photographs she takes, from hair and makeup to wardrobe style, all while bringing out what matters most for these important picture poses—their heart.



ECHO originally hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and now calls Tucson home. “Tucson is a sanctuary for healing and transformation, becoming a defining destiny experience for those who are drawn to its soul-soothing landscapes and healing sun energy,” she says.

People from all over the world who find Tucson’s natural beauty irresistible also find their way to ECHO’s door, lured by her stellar reputation and an attraction spiritually driven. Their search for meaning and transformation ultimately comes full circle when they meet ECHO, for as she works on their outward appearance, their inner selves inevitably shine.

Her work is more than skin deep. ECHO has the rare intuitive ability to read a person’s heart and heal any distorted self-image issues they may have. “A significant part of what I do is clear a person’s energy field—whether it is blocked from childhood, a painful divorce or any setback, heartache or distortion that veils their true essence, which is always whole and beautiful,” she explains. “I clear, restore and revitalize all their energies so they can reclaim their lives, achieve their personal best and realize their purposeful existence, which they rightfully deserve.”


Apart from her TAP shoots, her unique calling as both an artist and catalyst of the spirit have led her to perform “Soul Session” work with people who want to discover the most important spiritual part of their destined journey. A 90-minute Soul Session with ECHO entails a combination of astrology, where she looks into a person’s birth chart and sees their soul’s contract; and numerology, where she guides them to harmonize on their Destiny Life Path focusing on the energetic influence of the current year cycle, and empowers them to create their own “Destiny List” to realize their heart’s desire.

 IMG_4345_small“We are all in a constant phase of transformation. With insight and awareness, we can navigate to powerfully attract and manifest our highest calling,” says ECHO. “All anyone has to do is work on their openness and ability to receive all the abundance we are surrounded by and give from all that you have and are. Your light is needed and is the foundation of a truly inspiring and fulfilling life.”

ECHO is a lifetime Transformational Artist and Photographer. Originally from Phoenix, currently living in Tucson, Arizona with her husband Andrei. Together they complete a "dream team"  both as photographers, designers and artists doing their work side by side photographing worldwide. They are also authors of The ASTRO ECHO DESTINY CALENDARS (look for the 2019 AEDC app will be available on AstroEcho.com) and soon to be authors of ECHO's Transformational Art of Shine Book TBA. To schedule your destination engagement/wedding, family, business team or individual dream photoshoot email: Echo@echostarmaker.com. All packages are custom and include ECHO's signature makeup, hair & styling prior to photographing.


This compelling spiritual work led her to first publish the 2017 ASTRO ECHO Destiny Calendar. An interactive blending of astrology, numerology and setting one’s own Destiny List to work with throughout the year, the calendar is visually brilliant, with original astral art for every month created by her husband, Andrei. Andrei, also a professional photographer, designer and an accomplished creative genius, is ECHO’s collaborative partner for EchoStarMaker.com. Together, united in heart, craft and calling as artists and photographers, they are dedicated to creating spiritually driven, extraordinarily magical images for their clients worldwide.

For more information and to schedule a TAP Transformational Art photo shoot, visit EchoStarMaker.com.
To schedule a Soul Session, email: Echo@AstroEcho.com.